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How does LeadXchange Work

LeadXchange Promote Collaborative Selling has a largest network of Lead Publisher and Lead Buyers generating real time data leads .

Our Platform is built on Cutting –edge Technology and has the most advance Analytical engine ,Demand Mapping Algorithms and Validation Processes which enables our clients to fire up their performances and increase their revenue with higher lead conversions Each lead ls verified on over Multiple data points, scored with proprietary algorithms and matched with filters determined by you to ensure the highest quality and the right intent guaranteeing your ROl.

Why LeadXchange

A fully automated lead Exchange platform to promote Collaborative selling. We pride ourselves on offering only the highest quality leads and calls, giving you a competitive advantage . We generate HQL leads based on filters and requirements that are aligned with our client's sales objectives . Our granular approach and proprietary platform allow us to capture, verify, qualify and score lead data from our owned and operated web properties. Enabling us to provide you with real time information on high-intent leads.

Automation of Lead Generation Activities

LeadXchange platform automates a full spectrum of lead gen tools with quick integration of lead buyers

Lead Targeting

Buy leads matching your criteria by setting personalized filters and score behaviors.

Multiple Verticals

Manage campaigns and build online forms across verticals, all from one user interface


The only leads buying platform that gives you the flexibility to return the lead if does not match your

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